Wedding Tents For Your Wedding Day

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Wedding Tents For Your Wedding Day

Experience the best of both worlds on your special day. Wedding tents offer the beauty of hosting an outdoor wedding experience as well as providing reassurance that your event will go as planned regardless of the weather. If your dream wedding venue is a romantic beach with the sunset in the background or a farm venue, a wedding tent is a perfect way to provide shelter for you and your guests. A wedding tent has the ability to create a unique atmosphere. It provides a blank canvas for you to decorate with beautiful flowers or special lighting to increase the ambience on your special day. Although the decor options are endless, the type of tent is not. There are many factors one needs to take into consideration when choosing the type of tent you want. Does your location cater for tents? Is there sufficient space available? Is the ground base even enough to host an event? All these factors need to be taken into consideration before a  tent is chosen.

If all the boxes are ticked, then we are ready to choose your special wedding tent to host the biggest party of you and your partner’s life! Below is a list of possible wedding tents that you could use on your special day.

Aluminium Frame Tents

Aluminium Frame Tents are freestanding tents that have no centre poles or ropes which make it the ideal tent for major events and exhibitions such as weddings. This event tent can be erected on almost any surface adjacent to a building or another tent. Spark up your wedding with the glass look this tent gives off due to the high quality of PVC that is used in the manufacturing process.

Benefits of using an aluminium frame tent

Wedding Tents For Hire

  • Requires no internal poles for support
  • Requires no pegs
  • Easy & convenient to erect
  • Can be erected on any surface
  • Accommodate 10 – 10 000 guests depending on the size
  • Glass panels or PVC

Stretch Tent

A stretch tent is a free form of fabric structure that is constructed with the use of tension. The tent itself is a single square or rectangular piece of specialised fabric. This fabric is held by pushing poles of different heights into the fabric under tension to create unique shapes. Be able to experience the unique electric atmosphere that is created under a stretch tent during any event

Benefits of using a Stretch Tent

Wedding tent pitched for wedding day

  • Freestanding look
  • Protection from weather elements
  • Accessible from all points of the venue
  • Can be erected alongside buildings or on the beach
  • Requires minimal decor as they are already aesthetically pleasing
  • Waterproof
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Outdoor feeling

Peg And Pole Tents

Peg and Pole tents are seen as the most cost-effective of all the style of tents. Simple and easy to assemble, the peg and pole tent is available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your wedding. These structures are held up by poles, pegs and centre poles that are hammered into a soft surface. Made from PVC materials, this tent type will also produce a shiny effect on your wedding structure.

Benefits of using a Peg & Pole Tent

Peg and Pole tents For Wedding Day

  • Can be made to suit any length required for your event
  • Windows or no windows
  • With sides or without sides
  • Noise-free (metal surfaces do not come into contact with each other)

When choosing your wedding tent/tents, you need to keep in mind that the opportunities for you to create your own atmosphere and designs are endless. Embrace the space in and outside the tent and create sitting areas, bar spaces or lounge grouping to accommodate and entertain your guests.

Concluding, you need to think carefully based on your budget, venue area and event size before you can decide on what type of tent structure you and your partner choose to be apart of your special day.

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